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Do you make custom blends? 

If so, how do I place that order?

We want to help our clients thrive, so if you don't find a product that feels perfect for you or you have something specific in mind don't hesitate to contact us! Custom orders can be placed either by submitting a message below or emailing us directly at Even if you aren't familiar with essential oils and their properties we can help craft a superb blend--just let us know what your goals and intentions are.

I love a certain diffuser blend, can I wear it like a perfume?

Not all oils are safe for skin application, so we strongly urge our customers to use caution with handling diffuser blends to avoid potential irritation. With that said, we fully understand the desire to wear some of our delicious scents as perfume! If you'd like a skin-safe variation of any particular blend, shoot us a message and we'll get to work on crafting a custom roll-on applicator for you. Since not every oil can be used topically there may be some slight differences in overall scent - and we'll let you know if it's absolutely not possible to replicate as a roll-on - but we love a good challenge!

Are my payment transactions secure?

Currently we only accept payments through PayPal, which protects your identity online during electronic transactions. Through PayPal you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Are orders eligible for returns, exchanges and refunds?

Here at Nature's Wisdom blending and selling the highest quality essential oils is not only our mission, but our passion. We want our customers to love our products as much as we do, so if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase please let us know. Returns and exchanges must be received within 15 days of the order delivery date to qualify for refund or exchange, less shipping fees*. We appreciate a heads up by way of email or a site-submitted message, but you can also send a note with your returned order or items. Please note the original order number and include a detailed explanation for the return, so that we can reference issues, make modifications, and continue to provide our customers with the best possible products. *Customers are responsible for all shipping costs associated with returns and exchanges.

I want to carry your products, do you sell in bulk for resale?

We work closely with many local businesses, and if you are interested in stocking our products for resale please submit a message below or email us directly. Let us know which products have caught your eye and we can provide bulk ordering information.


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